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Tumblr Tuesday: GRAMMY Winners Edition
The GRAMMYsViewing music awards in GIF form is captivating and shows just how unnecessary sound has become in our lives.
LordeShe hates weird, old guys at airports who hassle her to sign Ebay-bound Lorde merch. Her ask box is open for all of your pressing questions about her two new GRAMMYs.
Vampire WeekendDracula. Nosferatu. Count Chocula. This list of vampires has nothing to do with either the band that won Best Alternative Album of the Year or their official Tumblr.
Snarky PuppySnarky Puppy & Lalah Hathaway won Best R&B Performance and would have won for Best Band Name had the category existed. Check their blog for beautiful photos and videos of their recent performances.
Alicia KeysWe could make a tired joke about this girl being on fire after winning Best R&B Album, but we respect ourselves and you more than that. 
Photo via The GRAMMYs

they would.

Questions of the Century

Will You save me from this emptiness?
Will You lead me into peace?
Will You save from this loneliness?
Will Your hope my fears released?


(Your Love is Better, Will Reagan)

New York bridges »»  (Taken with Instagram at Yankee Stadium)
I wish I could make this my Fruit Ninja background lol. Picture of the clouds through a scratched airplane window. :) (Taken with Instagram)
Sun so hot… You know those are some sweaty palms. (Taken with Instagram)
"In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whole he saved the union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever" A good president and inspiring speaker! (not a vampire slayer -___-) (Taken with Instagram)
Beneath the clouds, above the land. Some of Newport News from above. (Taken with instagram)
Beneath the clouds, above the land. Some of Newport News from above (Taken with instagram)

6 Things I Know For Sure

There is something about a declaration. It’s more than a statement. It’s more than a commentary. It’s vivid, emphatic words arranged to create purpose and professs a sense of comprehension. 

I don’t know everything, but there are a few things that I know for sure:

1. There is 1 God - 1 supreme, all-powerful, self-sufficient being.

2. I am a sinner. I do what I don’t want to do. 

3. Moes knows burritos

4. I feel incredibly unworthy when I think that God loves me and has extended mercy, grace, Himself, and Heaven to me.

5. God is the best artist. I try to follow is creative pattern: creating beauty from mess.

6. You’re awesome.


Johnny James speaking in a full house this morning! (Taken with Instagram at The Peninsula Pentecostals)
Back at school! Excited for learning, regretting the work :) #phoneography #cnu (Taken with Instagram at Christopher Newport University (CNU))
5 Ghosts. Do you believe that ghosts exist? 

The Story : This photo was actually taken for my photography class - a night photography assignment. I had an idea to go take some night photography pictures after the Friday night meeting at our church’s Annual Planning Retreat, which was held right on the waterfront of the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia Beach. After trying a couple of landscape photos, we thought it might be cool if we tried to rotate people into the photo, while one person shines the light on each of subjects. Since it’s night photography and cameras need light to pick up images, we left the shutter open longer and were able to rotate each person into the photo while still not fully exposing each individual. (If you know about night photography, this makes sense. If not, sorry :/ lol) One technique of night photograph is called ghosting. Idealy, you want you have multiple exposures of one person or thing, but in this case it is one exposure of 5 different people. Although not the ideal ghosting image, it still contains the faint opacity and the “bluriness” (lack of focus) to make it look ghost-like.
I hope this makes sense :) 
Ghosts. Beach. RSM Staff. 
Enjoy :)